Options management

How the user can be a really creative manager of her website

Over 100 options!

A layout in simplicity ?

Easy. You manage the options of your basic preset and modifications will be applied directly on all your web pages.

A specific layout for specific pages ?

Again easy. We thought of everything!
You can create new preset that you assign to selected pages.
Name the preset, select the desired options (theme options, types & colors, page list or background) and set the options. Your new preset is created. You can select it in the Properties of the page, in Custom Attributes tab.

For more advanced users ...

If options are not changed in the new preset, then the options selected in the default preset or basic preset will be applied. This means that if you changes text color, the other options (theme options, page list and background) remain identical to the default preset.

For all users ...

Remember the reset button that allows formatting options. You will find the options by default!