Magic class

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The 'magic Class' is a unique combination of javascript and css.

I wanted to find a system that allows users to vary the appearance of features such as block CONTENT, IMAGES ... He came to me the idea of adding CSS classes enabling JavaScript for some functionsJust add a word to an item that complex scripts are activated. In the shadows for example, the width and the type of element is first analyzed before the script adds the appropriate classes. Same for the highlights.

There are three ways to add 'magic class' to an item:

  • Since the block content, the 'magic class' are available in the drop-down 'style' orsome such option links.
  • For all otheritem,just addablockto'design'(very powerful featureofconcrete5)and add thekeywordsin the 'classes'tab'CSS'.
  • The third,rather reservedto the developer andthose who want tocustomizeorautomate somemoreappearancesfrom thetheme fileitself,directly toHTML elements.

See the documentation

Add Magic class to your items:

For boxes:

  • shadow :it adds a subtle shadow to the contour of the box
  • fly-shadow : it adds a beautiful shade under the item
  • bottom-shadowit adds a shade that gives the impression that the element is curved
  • paddingit slightly off the edge content
  • roundit slightly rounded corners of the box
  • gradient : it fills a subtle gradient box

Classes available from the editor

For images: 

  • image-reflect-mit adds a reflection effect 'medium-size' below image
  • image-reflect-lit adds a reflection effect 'large-size' below image
  • image-shadowit adds a shadow effect below the image

For text:

  • silence-thinit uses the font''Colaborate-thin "
  • silence-regular : it uses the font ''Colaborate-regular" 
  • silence-medium : it uses the font ''Colaborate-medium" 
  • silence-bold : it uses the font ''Colaborate-bold" 

For links:

  • Add the class 'Butn' to your links, they will turn it into elegant buttons


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That' a great feature !!!
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How is it simple to do ! Great !
Many thanks, my website looks clearly better now !