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This section is currently very small. I intend to complete as and when users ask me for questions. Do not hesitate to ask me about any details that titillates you. I will be happy to answer your question, and improved documentation.

All the theme was created to be very intuitive. I hope you will find the controls very quickly!
Good use!

Version 1.7

I have changed all things about mobile navigation and header color height since 1.7. Prhaps you will meet some displaying error. This will be fixed simply with a visit to options page. In background page you will see new options to adapt color height on different screen, just play with to find your happyness.

The quirks

I changed the background and nothing changes on the site.

This is due to your browser's cache. Refreshable many times the page by pressing F5 known.



About Licences

Some help about licences and Concrete5 :

Releasing a license, Transferring an add-on to another site

Add licenses from multiple user accounts to a single project

Uninstall add-ons

Can't connect to the community?